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Welcome to our karate club Eran Karate-website. We love the art of Wadoryu Karate and believe that the best way to practice it is to have fun while training hard and with the help of others.

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Tapanilan Erä Karate ry
Jäkälätie 2


Our club has around 350 members and its classes are instructed by 50 volunteer high level instructors. We have 19 members who have achieved a dan grade (black belt).

This makes us the biggest Karate club in Finland. Our trainings are held in our own dojo at Jäkälätie 2 Helsinki.

Eran Karate was established 30 years ago under Tapanilan Era, and it has since then grown to be an active member of the Finnish Karate Federation. Eran Karate has been successful with its national and international competitors, as well as national and international referees and judges. It is as a well known service provider in physical education in its community in Northern Helsinki.

Our club recieved branch status of the JKF-Wado-Kai organization in 2015, which made us part of the worldwide organization of JKF Wado-Kai. JKF Wado-Kai has around 1200 branches around the world, of which 250 outside of Japan. The JKF Wado-Kai requirements from its Branches is high quality both in teaching and in training, following standards set by the JKF Wado-Kai.

We offer our members around 900 instructed karate classes per year. We annually organize 3-5 national and international seminars to support our students in developing their skills in the art of karate. We also provide trainings within the Eran Karate Academy, a programme built for our competitors. See below for a rough cut of the classes within our club:

  • Karate Kids 5-6 years (classes for Karate Kids start every autumn)
  • Family Karate 3-6 years
  • Special kids 9-19 years
  • Juniors 7-13 years
    • Beginners (classes for beginners start every season)
    • Lower belts
    • Higher belts
  • Adults 13+ years
    • Beginners (classes for beginners start every season)
    • Yellow belts
    • Lower belts
    • Higher belts
    • Dan belts
    • 60+ seniors
  • Academy

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We are very pleased to answer any of your questions and welcome you to take part of our trainings!

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We are arranging international competition in FInland at January. Its Karate HEL Open Check all the details here!


See you in the tatami!

Nea Vallenius

Club President / Eran Karate